We have an outage, did something change in the network?

Troubleshoot if any change was made to the network when an outage occurred. Verify the changes before and after your maintenance. Verify redundant devices are in fact setup with the same configurations.

Can we have only ONE automation tool for all the vendors?

Yes and in fact you can use it for any type of devices in your network too! Routers, switches, firewall, load balancers, servers, even smart PDU and terminal servers, you name it.

Do all the devices match the network and security standards?

Check your network periodically against your network and security standards. Ensure your new devices are deployed exactly as the design standard. Check not only on the configuration, but operational and health status.

The guy who wrote our automation scripts left the company!

Easily build your own automation without scripting knowledge necessary. Centralize and run the automation yourself without depending on another guy.

We need to get all the inventory information, but no one has the time.

Collect any inventory information in any device in the entire network. Serial number, Software versions, installed patches, IP subnets, you name it.

Where is this IP subnet in the network?

Do not rely on some offline IPAM software or outdated xls records. Collect up-to-date IP subnets in the entire network regardless of the vendor. See if an IP subnet is used or available.


“Ironwood Networks presents a depth and breadth of troubleshooting information unprecedented in my experience. [It has] proven to be valuable when understanding subtle network issues.”
Operation Support Manager



“Ironwood Networks is a wonderful tool. It allows us to go to one location to look at hardware inventory, configuration compliance to a golden configuration template and changes to configurations or health issues in the network.”
Manager of Engineering



“We’re able to use Ironwood Networks' service to standardize configurations, audit the network, and look for lingering faults all in one easy to use place.”
Director of Engineering